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Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Heaven help the master who's judged by his disciples,"

says Henry Higgins in the screenplay that GBS wrote for Pygmalion.  We teach what we remember and what we were able to comprehend and no voices come to us "from the grave" in the rooms in which Hagen, Adler, Meisner or Strasberg taught, admonishing us for outright misrepresentation or for skewing concepts that we claim they taught as well.

Don't be lazy.  Read.  Read everything all of them wrote.  I hope you'll come to the conclusion that those four masters may have disagreed with each other on how one achieved certain results, but they did not disagree on what those results should be.  It's startling to discover that some colleges, universities, and certain acting schools insist that their instructors teach only Meisner.  What kind of an education is that?

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