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Monday, June 10, 2019

Michelle Williams - Active Listening/Processing - Examples

  In a previous post, Character's Need, Listening Processing, dated 1/26/19, I discussed two scenes from True Detective in which the same sentence, "I'm sorry," was performed correctly by one actor and incorrectly by another actor.  Here, in two scenes from Take This Waltz, Michelle Williams and Luke Kirby accomplish correct playing of the action/need and the processing of active listening.


And in the hospital scene from Fosse/Verdon, Ms. Williams again accomplished detailed progression of thought processes that were evoked by the images created by her partner.  I purposely allowed the clip to bleed into the following scene because I wanted to draw attention to how the progression of the impact the idea of her partner's words deepened as she thought about what was said to her.

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  1. Amazing performance, and Very helpful. Thank you very much June